Café Infinity Guru Kit

Café Infinity Guru Kit

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Ready to roll...look no further. We’ve assembled a complete package to empower you in your journey for the perfect coffee blend. There are an infinite number of coffee blends available to you. Get started and start creating! Here’s what’s included:

(12) High Grown Arabica Coffees chosen from the finest coffee estates throughout the world. Discover the unique flavors of each coffee region and begin creating your own personal specialty coffee blend.  

  • Mexico Oaxaca – Light Roast Coffee
  • Panama Boquete – Light Roast Coffee
  • Ethiopian Natural Yiragacheffe – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Ethiopian Washed Sidama – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Honduras Marcala – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Peru Cajamarca – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Brazil Minas Gerais – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Colombia Tolima – Medium Roast Coffee
  • Sumatra Aceh – Dark Roast Coffee
  • Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley – Dark Roast Coffee
  • Tanzania Peaberry - Dark Roast Coffee

(1) Stainless-Steel Storage Rack. Holds twelve storage tins and spins for easy access. It is stylish and compact. Perfect for storing and displaying your range of Café Infinity coffees on your countertop.

(12) Airtight, Matte Black Decorative Tins for storing your single origin coffees and newly created blends.

(1) Set of Stainless-Steel Measuring Scoops. Use to help you keep track of your measurements. Once you discover your perfect blend, you’ll probably want to remember the recipe to enjoy it again!

* Savings based on purchasing products separately

 * We reserve the right to substitute a coffee variety based on product availability.

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